What’s Your Vacation Style?

How does your family like to travel each year? Here are a few fun ideas for the action packed traveler, the sun & sand finder or the adventure seeker of the group! Regardless of your favorite travel preference, explore all the various vacation types that await you.

Action Packed

Orlando, Las Vegas & Other Great Escapes

If your family is high energy and wishes their vacation to be packed with fun, thrills and action then think about these destinations for your next family getaway.


  • Orlando is the tried and true family vacation…Disney World, Sea World and Epcot are crowd pleasers and with so much to do and see, your family will be on the move and loving it the whole way! Plus you can quickly drive to the beach and get two vacations in one!

Las Vegas

  • Vegas has much more to offer than just blackjack and Wayne Newton. A Vegas vacation can bring the family to new heights- literally.   Take a scenic helicopter ride above Lake Mead or the strip and you will see Las Vegas in a whole new way! Both the Stratosphere and New York New York Resorts have roller coasters and other rides that will be sure to deliver a thrill. Want to sample sky diving? There is an indoor skydiving center – no flights necessary!

New York City

  • Skyscrapers, museums, and Times Square- oh my! You will never run out of excitement or things to do when visiting NYC. Kids will relish seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time or gazing out into the city from atop the Empire State Building .Yankee games, ice skating at Rockefeller center, enjoying a street vendor hot dog or taking a stroll in Central Park- the list is endless on ways your family can enjoy the Big Apple.

Sun & Sand

Relax on the beach in the Miami, Myrtle Beach or San Diego.

Lying on a beach blanket while the kids build sand castles and splash in the ocean is a dream destination that many families envision. With many beaches to choose from, where should you go?

Myrtle Beach

  • Myrtle Beach is convenient to many that reside on the East Coast and has been a hot spot for decades. Spend your days on the sand, golf course, shopping or at the amusement park.

San Diego

  • San Diego has several attractions that make it a must travel to destination. The world renowned San Diego Zoo is a great way to spend the day getting up close with pandas, sea otters and gorillas. Seaport Village is a quaint area to shop and dine, while Pacific Beach is a lively beach to watch surfers or take in some rays.


  • Colorful buildings, delicious cuisine and fun nightlife make Miami a top spot. Spend a day out at the Everglades and get up close and personal with a manatee or alligator.


Gaze at Glaciers in Alaska or scuba dive in Hawaii

Does your family seek adventure and new experiences? Check out these ideas for your next trip.


  • Alaska is a vacation unlike any other delivering vast wilderness, breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife. Many choose to experience Alaska by cruise, which is the ideal way to see it all since Alaska is twice the size of Texas!  Upgrade your cruise vacation with a cruise tour which combines land and sea in one trip. A cruise tour adds a pre or post stay in the heart of Alaska where you can venture into Denali and ride a train through the Last Frontier.


  • Many of us daydream and save our pennies for a trip to Hawaii. And boy is it worth it! Not only is Hawaii a perfect relaxing vacation- it is adventurous too! Visit active volcanoes, surf, snorkel, hike rainforests or learn how to hula. Each island has its own attributes and unique sites, so figure out which island is for you and your family.  Every day can be an adventure in Hawaii!

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  2. Def the beach! I love sitting there with my feet in the sand and a cold drink at hand. Closing my eyes feeling the sun on my face with a slow breeze blowing. To me that is luxury!

  3. Guess I'm a big kid at heart. Been to Disney about 5 times, Universal 3 and Florida including the Keys and Everglades about 12 times. Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast. My very 1st trip was in high school without parents. Our Band played in the noon parade on Main Street Disney World. Got a tour of "Underground Disney" - a whole city in itself. Stuck in a Hurricane on Key West with parents couple years later. Evacuated from New Smyrna Beach (Between Daytona and Cocoa Beaches) on Atlantic for a hurricane coming on my last trip. And one of my biggest memories was watching an Apollo launch right on the launch pad in the press box because my dad was on the team that built the guidance systems that navigate Apollo. I LOVE FLORIDA.

  4. You are quite welcome.

  5. I've been to Orlando once, Disney etc. Lots of stuff to do there. I would like to do a cruise maybe.. never done that. It's gonna be tough to decide what to do lot's of options.

  6. Thank you, that a really nice vacation wow. Yippy! Doing the I'm going on a vacation dance. lol

  7. I love going to Las Vegas. I take my mother who has family there and doesn't travel alone. However, when my kids were growing up we LOVED Orlando, Disney, Universal - we loved staying at the Disney World Resorts. My dream is to take the grandkids there.

  8. Congratulations. Enjoy.

  9. I got an email today that said I won the Spring Into Your Dream Vacation sweepstakes for 3,500. I'm in shock. I've never won anything before.

  10. Hawaii, Alaska or San Diego what time is the flight?

  11. I would love to go to Hawaii. It looks so beautiful.

  12. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. My husband went there when he was in the navy,that's been over 30 yrs. It would be nice to go now that he has retired.

  13. If we could win a gift trip I think I'd want to go back to Las Vegas.

  14. My whole life I have wanted to go to Hawaii. I wanted to see black sand beaches, a volcano, learn to surf, and see the history of Pearl Harbor. I also think that macadamia nuts are the most amazing food in the world. I would love a hotel with a beach front and childrens programs for kids 10-16. I would would want to enjoy a crazy food crawl with my husband. I would like to see a real pineapple farm. I would want to see a secluded waterfall and make out with my husband like we were in high school again over a picnick of sushi, or some thing only the locals know about thats out of this world and I dream about it later

  15. Vegas baby after visiting the grandkids in San Diego!

  16. maine is always great to go. great place to vacation.

  17. I would love for me and my family to visit Orlando Fl

  18. Love going to vegas but not as a family vacation more like for me and fiance. We love to go with the kids to the beach and San Diego Zoo. Plus there is so much to do in San Diego it is perfect for the family

  19. We would love to take the kids to Disney, but we would have to take a detour to the beach as well. We never miss a beach vacation in the summertime.

  20. I love Vegas, but planning a Hawaii trip for Thanksgiving, and already booked for May 2013 a Trip to Ireland for 24 days.

  21. Orlando FL is beautiful. We have been to Orlando twice this year. We had a blast at SeaWorld, and Aquatica. I enjoyed myself so much I had to go back a month later to check out Universal Studios. I would love to go again to finish list of area attractions. Our next visit will be Disney World. Las Vegas sounds nice. I have not been there in over 10 years.

  22. Alaska during the Iditarod is on my bucket list.

  23. Cool. I would love to visit Florida. Does Sears have a travel service ?


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