What Smartphone Should I Buy?

It happens every year: Anticipation and buzz about the new iPhone or cool new Android phone. While everyone is excited about the new model’s improved features, should you upgrade to the latest and greatest? Getting clear about what you like about your current phone, or considering why you would want a smartphone (if you’ve never had one), can help you choose your next phone and decide if it is time to buy a new model.

Smartphones allow you to break that tether to your computer. As long as you have your phone, you can get emails, look up information on the web, and conduct business from almost anywhere.  It’s also a handy camera and source of entertainment.


Which smartphone feature most appeals to you? 

  • Read and write emails, post to Facebook and Twitter, or even write a short blog to post on your Word Press or Blogger site?
  • Keep track of what your friends and family are doing by getting notifications when they post to Facebook and other social sites?
  • Bring entertainment with you so you can listen to music or view a video when you are away from home?
  • Take photos with a built-in camera whose photo quality rivals that of a point-and-shoot camera?
  • Use your phone for health and fitness purposes?

Once you know what you want to do with your smartphone or what you already do with your current smartphone, you can look for those features in the newest models.

Popular phone features worthy of an upgrade

While it is impractical to list the best features of every current smartphone model, here are some examples of recent improvements to the various categories of features.

Basic use features – These features make the phone easier to use.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 has an “easy menu” option, a simplified version of the default Android home screen. To quickly mute your phone, you can flip the phone face down. The eye-tracking feature pauses a video when you look away.  The iPhone 5S guards against spying eyes by adding fingerprint security.

Productivity – If you will be doing a lot of writing and typing, you’ll want a keyboard that makes it easy to type. Perhaps you’ll want the hard buttons of a Blackberry or a bigger keyboard on the larger screen on the 7-inch Samsung Note. The Note also comes with a stylus to take freehand notes, which can be translated to typed notes and documents.

Social – To keep up on what’s happening in your social circles, consider a Windows phone or the HTC with BlinkFeed.  Both show photos/tiles in the lock screen to notify you when your friends post something new.

Entertainment– Better sound, like the HTC’s BoomSound front-facing speakers with powered amps, or better video on the iPhone retina screen or the HTC with full 1080p high definition, enhance the experience of entertainment on the small screen.

Camera –The iPhone 5S camera will shoot 10 frames of photos and choose the one that has best focus so you never miss a photo. The Moto X Android phone has a similar feature.  Both come with slow-motion video as well.  Other phones have been improving their cameras to work better in low light, include better flash, and record on larger pixels.

Fitness – If you are active, you might consider the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy model. Most smartphones have GPS and motion sensors, but the iPhone 5S boasts new sensors for fitness apps.

Three-iPhonesHow to upgrade every year

If you’ve wanted to be able to upgrade to the newest phone each year but were stuck in a two-year contract, it’s now possible to step it up with the AT&T “Next” and Verizon “Edge” programs. Rather than getting a reduced price based on a contract, these programs allow you to make monthly payments toward the full price of a phone. After a 6 months or a year, you can trade in the phone (in working order) for a new one and simply continue to make monthly payments - Barb Gonzalez ~ The Simple Tech Guru

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  1. I love my iPhone! Don't know if I'll ever go back after having the iPhone now. :)


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