Add Style to Your Outdoor Living Space with Lawn Ornaments

Lion-statueWhen you’re looking for ways to punctuate your patio or garden with style, consider outdoor lawn ornaments. These decorative accessories introduce a personal touch to your outdoor spaces and can be coordinated with your home’s style and/or outdoor furnishings.

Decorate with lawn ornaments

Decorating with lawn ornaments can also help you create a focal point or accent a special place in your garden. If your home is your castle, a majestic lion statue makes a big statement. Its bronze finish and formal stature make it the perfect accessory for traditional-style homes. It’s made of durable fiberglass-reinforced concrete and stands 27 inches tall.

St-Francis-of-Assisi-statueNature lovers and anyone who wants to create a contemplative spot outdoors will find the St. Francis of Assisi Cement Garden Statue an inspiration. Depicted with sculpted birds, the St. Francis statue is 41 inches tall. It can stand alone as a singular feature or as an accent within a flowering bed of plants or shrubs. It’s sturdy enough to withstand the elements, but lightweight, so you can move it to any place in the garden easily.

The ancient Egyptians created the obelisk to symbolize the sun god Ra. Formal gardens often feature this classic, vertical element. An obelisk is also commonly used as a decorative lawn ornament for a Greek Revival-style house. Traditional designs are made of stone, but an obelisk constructed of natural red cedar Cedar-obeliskis the perfect accent to a country garden, especially when used with climbing plants, such as clematis. What’s more, red cedar is naturally durable and resistant to rot and insect damage.

For something more contemporary, there are decorative lawn ornaments made of wire and metal that add form, color and light. Built-in photo sensors turn on the light at dusk and continue to glow for hours on a full charge. Examples include the Garden Meadow 16-inch Solar Pineapple with Yellow Light or 12-inch wire critters, such as the Solar Glass Rooster with Blue or Green Light or the Butterfly with Blue Light, among others.

Frog-with-umbrella-garden-figureGrace a plain corner on your patio with SunJoy’s Laguna Crane Set. Made of weather-resistant cast aluminum, the pair creates an attractive focal point anywhere outdoors.

There’s always a place for something whimsical outdoors. Place a pair of metal and glass frogs on a lily pad poolside or next to garden pond. Or add a touch of humor with a flamingo planter or one of several Disney character rocks.


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