Best Grill and Furniture Covers

If you’re like most people, you don’t have enough room to store your grill and patio furniture over the winter. No matter where you live, using outdoor furniture covers can save you money in the long term. These luxury items aren’t something you can afford to replace every other year. Covers that fit properly will protect your investment and keep them looking like new longer.

Best outdoor furniture covers

Patio-furniture-coverWhether you’re shopping for grill or outdoor furniture covers, the quality of the product will determine how well it protects and how long it will last. However, less expensive products can have characteristics that are similar to more expensive styles. Products made with better-quality fabric will naturally be higher in price.

Keep in mind the following outdoor cover features before you make a purchase:

Fabric. The length of the warranty will give you a good idea about quality. Fabrics should be soft and can be made from high-quality solution-dyed polyester designed to resist fading (UV protection) and moisture. More common are polyester outdoor furniture covers with polypropylene lining that are also durable but don’t come with as long of a warranty. Less expensive covers for furniture and grills are made from commercial-grade vinyl materials that usually offer only a one-year warranty.

Patio-furniture-coverAir vents. This feature helps reduce the buildup of condensation and keeps the cover secure by preventing a “ballooning” effect during high winds.

Drawcord hems. This feature is important for winter climates where wind, rain and snow can blow into piles under your patio furniture and grill and cause damage. The drawcord keeps the cover secure during extreme weather.

Buckle straps. This feature allows you to clip strips around the legs of patio tables and chairs for added protection.

Outdoor grill covers

Grill-coverNo matter where you live, it’s not a good idea to leave your grill exposed all day or year-round. Even if you store your grill in your garage, you should use a grill cover to protect it against dust and contamination from car fumes, not to mention creepy-crawlies that might want to make your grill a winter home.

Remember, grills aren’t designed to withstand intense UV rays and winter’s worst weather conditions. Finding the best grill cover for your model will extend its life and help keep it clean for sanitary and safe food preparation on the grill surface. Outdoor furniture and grill covers are not only a necessary investment but a smart investment, too.


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