Camping Activities & Games

After camping for a while, admiring trees and listening to babbling brooks might start to seem less relaxing and a little more…boring. When camping trip boredom strikes, fight back with these fun games and camping activities.


Get a map of the local trails and sights in your campground and have some fun exploring the area. Just make sure you don’t pack more than you can carry in your backpack. And don’t forget to bring water!

Bird Watching

Find a book about the local birds in your area, grab a pair of binoculars and see how many birds you can spot.


Document your experience in the great outdoors with a camera. Whether you have a high-end digital camera or a disposable camera, you’re guaranteed to get some beautiful shots.


Make sure you bring along your hunting and/or fishing gear on your camping trip. Bring some cooking equipment too if you like eating what you catch.


Find out if there are any bike trails near your campground. If you don’t already have a dirt bike, see if you can rent one for the day.

Card Games

A deck of cards can go a long way towards easing boredom. Camping alone? Play Solitaire.

Camping Activities for Kids


This is probably the tastiest camping tradition. Bring along graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallows and skewers (or unwind a wire hanger). Kids will have a blast roasting the marshmallows and everyone will enjoy eating the finished treats.


Pick some songs your kids know and love and sing them around the campfire. Or teach them the classics like “Kumbaya.”

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories are a camping tradition. But be warned: if the ghost stories are too scary, your kids might have trouble sleeping that night. You can pass down stories that you were told when you were small or you can find a book of ghost stories for kids of all ages (think “Casper” for really small kids).

Treasure Hunt

This camping game can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids. Look for buried treasure, pan for gold or create your own scavenger hunt list. Just make sure you don’t let your kids roam around unsupervised.


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  1. i love to take my children camping. Im a single mother of a 7 year old girl and a 16 year old boy. Its pretty hard for me to do this without their help. But now I once again have a man in my life who loves to camp and fish.... yea me!!!

  2. We camp several times each year and love it. As a family of 6 we find life gets so hecktic running from sports activities and sleep overs that we need the uninterupted electronic free week or even weekend to recover and unuite our family. I love that the kids have to find creative outlets for there energy without fideo games, computers, telephones and tv. I love how much they learn from nature and their environment. This summer we camped in Baltimore MD and visited washington DC daily to veiw the sites it was great. They learned about Vietnam, President washington, Daniels Story and soooo much more. We saw deer and had food stollen by a red fox and her babies so it was exciting and educational.

  3. my 5 yr old loves to camp; but keeping her happy and not bored is a chore in it's self;so thanks for the tips.Love the map of the area idea.

  4. that's a nice sugestion you have there rachel3...i could really use some and you just ahve given me an inspiration for my 2 days off...great! thanks...

  5. thanks for the ideas..i know now what to do this coming weekend!..:)

  6. We also have S'mores when we go camping. And we take lots of games to play.


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