Choose the Right Work Gloves for Different Outdoor Chores

Use the best work gloves for your outdoor chores and you’ll make every job easier. Gloves come in an amazing variety of styles and materials, but all you really need are three perfect pairs.

Choose leather gloves for jobs where you need extra protection, comfortable knit or canvas gloves for everyday garden use, and latex or nitrile gloves, the ones people call rubber gloves, for your wet and messy chores. Whatever type you need, work gloves are built to last, and they’re a great investment in protection.

Leather work glovesWork gloves for handyman jobs

Cleaning gutters is one of the worst – and messiest – fall jobs. For cleaning gutters and downspouts, you need tough work gloves to protect you from jagged twigs and other sharp objects. Split cowhide is tough enough to protect you, and these leather gloves are lightly insulated, too. When you’re done, you can easily hose off leather gloves and hang them to dry. They’ll stiffen up a little when they’re dry, but they’ll soften again with wear.

Washing windows is another messy job. Use latex or nitrile gloves to keep your hands dry and free of cleaning solution. Nitrile gloves give you a firm grip, and if you buy disposables, you can toss them after any messy job. Disposables are good for washing the car, too, especially if the job turns into a family car wash and everybody needs gloves.

Women's canvas gardening glovesOutdoor work gloves for gardeners

The most comfortable gardening gloves for everyday chores are knit cotton or cotton polyester canvas. They protect your hands and nails, while allowing maximum flexibility. Heavy-duty canvas gloves have leather palms to protect your hands, and some come with dots to give you a better grip. They’re comfortable and durable, too.

If you’re clearing poison oak, nettles or similar noxious weeds, wear disposable latex or nitrile gloves instead, so you don’t spread contamination. If you’re grubbing up blackberries, clipping pyracantha or pruning a thorny citrus tree, though, use your cowhide gloves for protection.

-by Janet Grischy


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