Cook for a Crowd with the Kenmore Gas Grill with Oven

by Kathie Robitz

Summertime is party time, and there’s no better way to entertain a crowd than with a big backyard bash. Whether it’s for a holiday, a family reunion or a block party, great food prepared on a gas grill is always on the outdoor entertaining menu. And while most of us love a mouth-watering burger, today’s outdoor celebrations often call for more sophisticated fare ─ and the type of equipment required to prepare it.

Kenmore-4-burner-gas-grill-with-ovenGreat grill ideas

The Kenmore Gas Grill with Oven lets you prepare a complete meal with all the trimmings. It offers a generous grilling surface, with a swing-out warming rack, for putting a delicious char on everything from meats to poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. In addition to the convenience of a side burner for heating soups, sides and sauces, there’s an oven compartment where you can bake everything from beans to brownies, even while you’re grilling.

Kenmore-4-burner-gas-grill-with-oven-closeupThis all-in-one outdoor appliance is like having a high-end indoor range outdoors. Don’t want to heat up the house, or need an extra oven when you’re expecting a crowd? Heat appetizers or roast a chicken right on your patio; you can use the grill’s oven even when you’re not grilling. The oven’s pull-out rack lets you easily access the food you’re cooking with the assist of a barbecue oven mitt.

It’s your choice

The grill has four burners and a primary cooking area of 450 square inches. It comes in a sophisticated ebony black finish with a stainless-steel hood, has a bonus side burner and retails for less than $500. Made of steel and stainless steel, the grill’s two-door cabinet design looks handsome and offers storage for cooking tools and utensils. With four wheels, the grill is also easy to move anywhere.

Kenmore-Industrial-Gas-Grill-with-OvenWant more grilling space?

True gourmands may appreciate the Kenmore Industrial Gas Grill with Oven, which also has four burners, but comes with a generous 580 square inches of cooking space — ideal for all your grilling recipes. In stainless steel, a la professional style, the grill has a high-heat side burner, with an output of 13,000 BTU, for searing meat.

Its three-door cabinet provides storage for cooking utensils and features organizers for condiments, spices and rubs. It also has a handy towel bar and a paper towel rack inside the cabinet.


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