Deck and Patio Accessories for a Stylish Outdoor Space

5 Outdoor Patio Umbrellas to Fit Any StyleJust like the inside of your home, your outdoor living space will eventually benefit from a facelift. Mix in a few new trendy, outdoor decorating ideas with the best of what you already have to make the project budget-friendly. Deck and patio accessories have come a long way from simple plastic furniture or a classic patio umbrella on a table.

Deck and patio accessories

Once you have your outdoor patio or deck cleaned and maintained, consider a few of the following outdoor patio accessories to elevate the space from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Outdoor cushions—Even if your budget won’t accommodate buying all new furniture, you can buy new comfortable, eye-catching seating cushions. Reflect your personal style through color. Go contemporary with a cozy color pallet of neutrals and earth tones or modern with neutral basics accented with bright pops of color such as red and orange. If your furniture doesn’t have seating cushions, then add interesting designs and shapes with unique outdoor throw pillows.
  • Fire pits—Popular patio accessory ideas include adding a fire pit. Nothing adds more cozy charm and practicality – and potentially extends your outdoor time – than a fire pit. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget and will delight your kids when you bring out the marshmallows.
  • Lighting fixtures—For added safety, add solar pathway lights leading up to your patio or deck. Upgrade your backdoor light fixture from a plain bulb to one (or more) with more style and function. If your patio or deck is covered, use hooks to hang glass lanterns in gemstone colors. String lights are an inexpensive way to accessorize your outdoor area around deck fencing, patio covers or even trees in your yard. Don’t forget torch lights that come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Position them in low traffic areas to create a festive atmosphere anytime.
  • Wall artHang wall art on blank outside walls or posts to make another bold accessory statement. Give your creativity a boost and make choices that reflect your wild side. Fascinating art, whether traditional, rustic or modern, can be mixed together to create an eclectic collection. Consider balance, harmony and scale to balance wall art, but also let your inner artistic juices flow and experiment!
  • Trending: GazebosGazebo or pergola—Any uncovered patio or deck will get an instant facelift by adding a portable cover such as a gazebo or pergola. Not only are they less expensive than building a permanent cover, but many also come with attractive and beneficial nylon netting. You can place them over the entrance onto your patio or deck or place one over an outdoor dining area. Outdoor decorating ideas don’t have to be permanent to add value to your home.

-by Diane Quinn


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