Essential Tools for Spring Yard Cleanup

Pruning-bushAs winter slips quietly away, spring begins to take hold, filling your yard with fresh growth that needs maintenance and TLC. If you have a few essential lawn and garden tools at your disposal, the task of getting your spring yard work completed is much easier. Let’s take a look at the spring yard cleanup that should be undertaken and the essential lawn and garden tools you need if you want your yard and garden to look great this year.

Cleaning up dead foliage

Get yourself a lawn-leaf rake with a sturdy handle and clean up fallen leaves and debris from around plants, trees, fences, deck posts – wherever they’ve collected. Add them to your compost pile if you have one.

Trimming bushes

Craftsman-hedge-trimmerIf your yard is small enough to accommodate an electric hedge trimmer, this is certainly the best way to go about the task of trimming your bushes. A heavy duty electrical power cord provides greater mobility, particularly if you have one that’s several feet long. Hand trimmers or lopping shears will also get the job done, but you might want to invest in a pair of heavy duty gloves to prevent blisters. Trim plants that bloom in the summer now before the buds develop, but wait for spring blooming plants until after they’ve flowered.


If you want to put fresh life back into your lawn, use an aerating tool (manual or power) to remove plugs of sod from your lawn. You can take a rake and spread a layer of fresh peat moss over the aerated area.

Removing dead turf grass

Take a metal bow rake and remove dead turf grass from the ground. You can use it in your compost pile or simply turn it under the soil. Seed the area once you have it cleaned up so fresh growth can begin.

Pocket prunersCutting back perennials

As part of your spring yard cleanup, take a pair of pruners and cut back existing perennials to allow for fresh growth. While you’re at it, use a hand spade to dig up spent annuals, making room for fresh plantings.


Depending on the size of the plants you’ll be transplanting, use either a hand spade or a shovel to do the digging.

Tilling soil

Depending on the size of your garden, you can use a simple garden spade or hoe to till the soil. Turning the garden as part of your spring yard work helps to aerate the soil for better growth.


Use a rake to break up existing mulch or remove it completely before placing new mulch in your garden.


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      • San Jose, CA

    We already have that awesome Craftsman 19.2 volt, C3-powered, hedge trimmer.

    And, I was using a nicely balanced machete to remove the small branches from the trimmed limbs of a Walnut tree, using a Jaw Saw chainsaw tool.

    A Bill Hook would have worked well for the stripping job, with a Brush Axe clearly being "a bit much" for the fine work.

    Next step is to gather all of the small pieces and put them in one of the Yard Waste containers for pick up.

  1. We really need a hedge trimmer, good suggestions!


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