Fun Outdoor Projects for Kids to Help You with Outdoor Chores

Girl-doing-outdoor-choresAlong with warmer weather comes a whole assortment of outdoor chores that simply must get done. Since you can’t do everything while your little ones are taking a nap, it’s important to come up with a few fun outdoor projects for your kids that can help you get your outdoor chores done more quickly, while also teaching them how they can contribute to the things that need to be done around the house.

Young children enjoy imitating mom or dad, so getting them to help with outdoor chores should be an easy task. It’s important to make it fun, so they want to repeat the activity the next time it needs to get done. It’s easy to find small tasks for smaller children to keep them busy so you can get your outdoor chores completed. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Kids'-wheelbarrowCleaning up the yard

Every yard can use a good clean pickup once in a while, particularly after a storm or windy day. Why not have your kids help out with this outdoor chore so you can get the job done more quickly? It’s easy when you buy your little boy or girl the Wader Toys Children’s Bulk Wheelbarrow. It’s bright and colorful, so your child is going to love it!

Just show your child what you want picked up (litter or twigs and branches), and get some help cleaning up the yard. To make it easier for your little guy or gal to scoop up debris, you might want to consider getting Toysmith’s Garden Tool Set. It includes four handy tools – the leaf rake, hoe, shovel and garden rake.

Frog-kids'-watering-canWatering flowers, herbs, bushes and vegetable gardens

Keeping your plants properly watered can be a challenge, particularly if you go without rain for a week or more. Teach your kids the importance of watering your plants in order to keep them healthy. While there are lots of different watering can styles available, select a kid-friendly version that’s easily handled by a child. If your child is very young, you might go with the 2-quart Allied Precision Frog Watering Can that’s designed specifically for kids.

If your child is a little older and capable of handling a gallon-sized style, check out the MidWest Spongebob Watering Can or the MidWest Disney-Princess Watering Can for kids. All of these styles are colorful enough to make it fun for the kids, while also getting you a little bit of help with the yard.

Kids-gardening-kitFun outdoor projects for kids

If you want to teach your kids about seeds and planting and simply have some good, green fun, why not buy Green Toy’s Gardening Kit? Your little nature lover can learn all about how seeds turn into pretty flowers and plants. This kit comes with everything your child needs – 3 planting pots, 3 packs of organic seeds, soil, an adorable peapod-shaped tray, and a trowel. Once planting is complete, your tot has another use for the watering can.


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