Garden and Lawn Care Tips for Early Spring

by Barb Hopkins

Begin lawn and garden care in early spring for the healthiest lawn, shrubs and landscaping. Consider these five lawn care tips for early spring lawn care, as well as your garden.

Yard debris removalyard spring  cleaning

Early spring gardening and lawn care preparation can mean the difference between lush foliage and greenery that looks tired and straggly. Throughout fall and winter, your lawn and garden collect debris. Debris often includes sticks, dead leaves and even litter blown into the yard by wintry winds. Removing yard and garden debris is the first step to reawakening your yard’s beauty. A lawn sweeper attachment for your riding mower is the ideal tool for this job.

Raking and aeration

Help get your lawn ready for warmer days by raking and removing the dead weeds and grass. Lawn aeration is simply removing small plugs of soil from the lawn. offers several aerators that attach to your garden tractor and helps refresh your lawn by allowing water and nutrients to reach the grass roots, resulting in a healthier lawn. Aeration also allows for better fertilizer saturation if needed.

Fertilize—if you didn’t in fall

Early spring lawn care often includes fertilizing the lawn. However, if you applied fertilizer in the fall, your lawn doesn’t need another application in early spring. The Polk County University of Wisconsin Extension Office suggests that a late fall fertilization is better for your lawn than a spring application because it encourages root growth.


Gardening in spring starts with the first lawn mowing. It’s time to mow when your grass reaches about 3 inches tall. Keep your grass height at about 2-1/2 inches to help encourage deeper root growth. If it’s time to buy a new mower, check out the selection at for both riding mowers and push mowers.


After winter, your lawn may sport several bare or dead patches. Often these occur near the street where deicing salt has splashed onto the lawn, killing the grass. Early spring is the ideal time to re-seed these and any other dead or bare areas.


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