How to Find the Best Outdoor Storage Shed for You

Outdoor storage sheds provide much needed space for items such as lawn equipment, tools, patio furniture and more. Outdoor sheds also offer additional storage space for holiday decorations, sports equipment and those other items that have been cluttering your garage, basement and even attic. Sheds can be found in a variety of sizes and materials and with helpful features such as ramps and shelving.

Shed size

Craftsman-storage-shedThe best outdoor storage sheds offer ample space for all your storage needs. When determining what size shed you’ll need, consider the items you want to store. Decide which items will be stored on the floor and calculate the floor space you’ll need. This is especially important if you plan to store your riding mower in the shed — be sure there’s enough room to fit the mower as well as your other lawn and garden tools. In addition, your shed must fit the space available in your yard or patio.

There are several sizes of outdoor storage sheds, ranging from models like the Suncast vertical patio shed, ideal for storing seat cushions and garden hand tools, to larger sheds such as the Craftsman 8-foot-by-7-foot resin storage building, shown above. It offers more than 375 cubic feet, has dual doors and integrates with Sears’ VersaTrack storage system.

Construction materials

HomePlace-storage-shedSheds for outdoor storage are available in different materials. Resin or vinyl sheds are rust-resistant, and their range in size is vast, from small storage units ideal for hand gardening tools to full-size buildings to fit your riding mower, bicycles and more.

Wooden sheds typically are sturdy and feature a raised wooden floor. Wooden sheds can be found in various sizes and styles, including the HomePlace garden building/shed, shown above, with an A-frame style roof, double steel doors and even hanging hooks for your tools. A wooden shed is heavier than other types and offers a more permanent storage solution for your property.

Metal or steel storage sheds are budget-friendly and offer ample storage for mowers, tools, sports equipment and more. features multiple sizes and styles from Arrow, Duramax and others.

Storage shed features

When shopping for your storage shed, consider various features that can help maximize the space. Lofts allow you to use more of the shed’s space by storing items off the floor. In addition, your mower, snowblower or bikes can fit under the loft for the best use of storage space. Shelves are perfect for smaller items such as hand tools, small storage boxes, flowerpots and even bags of potting soil.

A shed with windows allows natural light to enter the space so you can easily see everything stored inside. Ramps located at the shed’s door(s) allow for easy loading and unloading of mowers, snowblowers and other heavy wheeled items.

-by Barb Hopkins


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