Kenmore Grill with Folding Side Table Makes Prep Work Easier

Kenmore-grill-with-folding-side-tableGrills that are designed with an outdoor grill prep table are worth the extra cost if you use your grill regularly. Serious barbecue grill chefs need space to work their culinary magic.

Benefits of a grill side table

If you’re dragging a patio chair over beside your grill to serve as a prep table, take a look at a Kenmore Grill with Folding Side Table. Designed by professional chefs, this grill style allows you to make the most of the space around the cooking surface. You can spread out your utensils, marinade bowls and serving dishes and still have room for a refreshing drink to stay cool while you slave over the hot grill.

It’s no longer necessary to juggle plates with cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. You have plenty of room to serve your guests directly from the grill-side table so you’ll spend less time away from the party.

Kenmore-grill-with-folding-side-tableHow the outdoor grill prep table works

Brute force isn’t necessary to work the innovative one-hand spring release. Just pull up the stainless prep table, and it folds easily away from the grill cart. To conserve space on your patio, you can fold the table back down again just as easily when not in use.

Black-grill-coverCare of the stainless steel prep table

Always clean any sauce drips or food particles off the stainless steel finish after creating a delicious barbecue meal. Choose cleaning products designed and recommended as safe for stainless steel or grill enamel. To keep your new Kenmore Grill looking like new, consider investing in a grill cover, especially if you leave your grill outside year round. Get in the habit of putting it on as soon as the grill cools down after use. Look for a cover that’s sturdy enough to keep all bad weather moisture out.


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