Lawn and Garden Tool Organization Systems for Garages

by Barb Hopkins

Lawn and garden tools require proper care in order to keep them in top condition. Garden tool storage — a place to store everything safely and efficiently — is an essential piece of keeping your lawn and garden tools clean and organized.

Garage organizer systems for lawn and garden tools

NewAge-6-piece-garage-storage-setGarage organizers allow you to keep your tools, big and small, in a single location that’s easy to access when it’s time to edge the lawn, prune the shrubs or work in the garden. Storage solutions such as the NewAge Products six-piece and nine-piece sets sport lockable cabinets made of heavy-duty 23-gauge steel. The six-piece set includes wall and base cabinets, as well a locker-style cabinet with three-adjustable shelves for a total of 6.8 cubic feet of storage space.

In addition to storage for your various lawn and garden tools, these storage systems also work great for small hand tools such as a cordless drill/driver and other portable power tools. Keeping these tools handy can cut down the time you spend maintaining and repairing fencing, decking and more.

Storing smaller garden tools

Craftsman-5-shelf-garage-storage-unitThe Craftsman five-shelf cabinet offers ideal storage for smaller garden tools. The lockable cabinet’s shelf space has ample room for small tools such as garden forks, trowels and bypass pruners, as well as garden insecticide bottles, weed-and-feed bags, spray bottles and other supplies. It also features adjustable shelves to allow for containers of all sizes and shapes and has a total of 8,259 cubic inches of storage.

When storing any insecticide, weed killer or other toxic chemical, always lock the storage unit to prevent children from accessing anything that can be ingested and cause harm.

Keep rakes, spades and other long-handled lawn and garden tools off the garage floor and stored neatly in an organizer such as the Plano corner tool rack. Made from high-impact resistant plastic, this unit fits conveniently in any garage or storage shed corner.

Utilize wall space

You can save floor space by opting for a storage system that uses wall space, such as the Suncast corner shelves. These shelves can be installed in your garage quickly and easily and have a 40-pound capacity and 32-inch storage width.

Craftsman-VersaTrack-TrackwallAnother garden tool storage option that utilizes wall space instead of floor space are simple hook systems. The Craftsman VersaTrack trackwall allows you to select the type of hooks you need to best hold and store your lawn and garden tools such as the trimmer, rake and even extension cords for corded power tools used to keep everything neat and tidy.


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  1. Love the look of the NewAge Products and definitely need to check out the VersaTrack trackwall for our garage. We have a huge collection of lawn & garden/cleaning tools that need to be organized. Great suggestions here!


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