Maintain Your Snow Blower

snow blowerTo keep your snow blower running smoothly all winter long, you need to keep it well maintained. Here are some suggestions to help keep your dual-stage snow blower in tip-top shape.

  • Check the snow blower’s engine oil before every start and top off the oil if it’s needed.
  • For a new snow blower, change the engine oil after the first five hours of use. Snow blower engines have a break-in period, and metal shavings can end up in the engine oil.
  • Replace the engine oil at the end of winter or after every 50 hours of use, whichever comes first.
  • Check the spark plug after every 25 hours of use. Replace the plug if it’s cracked or damaged. Remove the spark plug and brush off any grime or soot with a wire brush and re-insert it.
  • Spray lubricant on the linkage, gear shaft, and between the auger shaft and drive shaft.

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  1. I'd recommend waiting for the engine to cool before removing the spark plug as that is a common way for the hole to warp and ends up in cross threading the spark plug when re-installing. Also, check/change the oil after the engine has reached normal operating temperature for a more accurate reading and a cleaner engine.


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