New Sunglass Trends for Men and Women

Couple-wearing-sunglassesby Diane Quinn

Whether you’re running errands, sitting on the beach or playing a sport, your eyes need protection when outdoors. Make a personal fashion statement by choosing sunglasses that are in style this year.

New sunglasses trends for women

You probably remember when sunglasses in style had narrow lenses. While certain facial shapes can pull off that look, those narrow lenses didn’t offer the eye very much protection from damaging sun rays. Sunglass styles have changed for women this summer, with much Kardashian-Kollection-cat-eye-sunglasseslarger lenses that protect your eyes better. When shopping for sunglasses, try these trendy styles:

Cat eyes. Just like felines, cat eye glasses seem to have nine lives. This trend continues to be a favorite of designers like Jason Wu and Rachel Roy. Cat eye glasses are very retro and complement most facial shapes.

Odd shapes. High-end fashion designers such as Fendi and Versace featured odd-shaped new sunglasses trends on the runway this season. Whimsical can look great when you make the glasses your main accessory and wear your hair in a sleek ponytail.

Studio-S-animal-print-sunglassesPatterns. Funky is in this season with sunglass styles trending from large, all-white frames, to animal prints, checkered patterns, flowers and other original designs.

Sporty. Multicolored, plastic wraparounds are the sunglasses in style for women participating in any outdoor sports this season.

New sunglasses trends for men

Guys like to wear sunglasses to add an air of mystery to their personality, not to mention hiding any late-night circles under their eyes. This season, the guy in your life might want to take a look at these new sunglass styles:

Oliver-and-James-Nike-tortoise-shell-sunglassesDark-colored frames. Large lenses for men mimic women’s sunglass styles this summer in dark-colored frames such as black or tortoise.

No frills. New sunglass styles have clean lines that make them a timeless fashion statement.

Retro. Classic styles are back for men. Updated aviator sunglasses are again ultra-trendy from designers such as Ralph Lauren and Prada. Although aviators are hot again this season, for many men, they never went out of style in the first place.

Dockers-men's-wraparound-sunglassesSports. Wraparounds are also trending sunglass styles for men who want added eye protection for outdoor events.

Sunglasses that are in style for both women and men should always carry UV and UVA eye protection to help prevent eye damage.


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