Outdoor Heating Solutions for Cool Fall Evenings

Bring the party outdoors, even when the temperatures begin to dip in the late summer and early fall, with outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and patio heaters. These outdoor heating systems allow you to continue enjoying your outdoor living space even when the colder weather suggests light sweaters and jackets. A stylish fire pit, outdoor fireplace or patio heater provides the perfect outdoor heating solution, UniFlame-fire-pitcreating a cozy atmosphere for friendly gatherings.

Fire pits

Fire pits come in a range of styles and sizes and may use propane or wood to create a warm, crackling fire as the centerpiece for your backyard gathering. The UniFlame® Slate Tile fire pit by Blue Rhino, shown at right, offers the ambiance of a traditional fire without the need for tending ashes. The unit’s base conceals a propane tank, which provides the fire’s source. The latticework base covers the propane tank, while the wood and bronze top add to the stylish look of this modern fire pit.

Fire-Sense-fire-pitFor a fire pit using just wood, consider the Fire Sense 39-inch fire pit with cast iron and stone rim, shown at right, decorative steel legs and a black porcelain enamel fire bowl. It’s the ideal type of fire pit for roasting marshmallows for s’mores or even hot dogs on a skewer. Good firewood to burn in your fire pit includes pecan, cherry, oak, hickory, alder and even apple wood. Never burn pressure-treated wood as it can release harmful toxins.

Garden-Oasis-fireplaceOutdoor fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace serves as a focal point for your outdoor living space. Group comfortable patio seating around the fireplace in the same manner as you would in a family room with an indoor fireplace. The freestanding Garden Oasis wood-burning fireplace, shown at right, replaces the need for outdoor heat lamps to keep your patio warm on chillier evenings. Its flat back allows it to be positioned along an outdoor wall, making it easy to create a stylish seating arrangement. This fireplace, constructed from steel, has a decorative chimney top, mesh double doors and a sturdy base.

Patio heaters

Opt for a patio heater to warm your terrace, patio or deck as an alternative to a fireplace or fire pit. Patio heaters may be fueled by propane, natural gas, electricity or kerosene and are available in various sizes and styles. As an outdoor heating solution, the patio heater is one of the most versatile. It’s PrimeGlo-patio-heatereasy to move and provides a radiant heat source ideal for chasing away the chill on an early-autumn evening.

Consider the PrimeGlo patio heater, shown at right, as an addition to your outdoor living space. It stands 87 inches tall and has wheels for easy mobility. The unit has a hammered bronze finish that will match and enhance most patio furniture styles. Fueled by propane, this patio heater generates heat to warm a 400-square-foot diameter.


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