Outdoor Lounge Chairs to Fit Any Style

by Kathie Robitz

Country-Living-Fair-Oaks-Cushioned-Chaise“Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer,” as the old song goes. After all, who doesn’t look forward to relaxing outdoors under the sun or in the shade once the season begins. Your patio furniture is a key factor in making the most of balmy weather, and it should include at least one or two outdoor lounge chairs.

Today’s designs are crafted to last for years of comfort and good looks. Plus, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. You can easily find a design that goes perfectly with your outdoor decorating style.

Choosing patio furniture

Look for a lounge chair that looks great and has sturdy legs. It also has to give you good support and be easily adjustable to different positions, from lying on your back to sitting upright.

Ty-Pennington-rocking-chaise-loungeYour lounge chair’s frame material is important. If it’s heavy, chances are nothing less than 75-mile-an-hour winds are going to budge it. But neither are you. If you want something you can move around your patio with ease, choose a lighter-weight material. Natural wood is handsome, but you may have to refinish it every season or two. Consider this:

● Steel is sturdy, but it can rust. So you’ll have some maintenance to keep it looking good.

● Cast aluminum, on the other hand, is sturdy and rust-resistant.

● Wood, or certain types of wood, to be specific, holds up well outdoors. They include eucalyptus, teak, cedar and acacia. You can apply a finish to it, or leave it to age naturally over time.

● Resin is a type of plastic. The heavier type is wind-resistant. It’s often used for faux wicker, faux wood or faux metal furniture.

Cushions made of outdoor-rated fabric will be weather- and fade-resistant, as well as easy to clean. You also want them to feel plush. In solid colors or prints, patio furniture cushions are an easy way to underscore your outdoor decorating style.

Resort-Collection-chaise-loungerOutdoor lounge chairs with style

Whether it’s for patio or poolside lounging, you’ll want to relax in your style. For example, Country Living’s Fair Oak Cushioned Chaise, top right, has a special hand-applied finish in a warm antique bronze that’s perfect for a traditional or Old World style. For a sleek modern twist, Ty Pennington’s Mayfield Rocking Chaise, above left,crafted of resin wicker, offers soothing motion.

You’ll feel truly pampered by the Resort Collection Chaise Lounger, above right. A resin wicker frame in espresso and plush polyfoam cushions will make you feel like you’re relaxing at a luxurious spa getaway. Today, there’s patio furniture in every style and for everyone’s taste.


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