Patio Design Ideas for Making Large Spaces Feel Cozy

LaZ-Boy-Peyton-dining-setWhen you’re looking for patio design ideas for making large outdoor living spaces feel cozy, think about furniture groupings. Patio furniture sets make it easy because you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching pieces yourself. Perfect examples of coordinated outside patio furniture include the Peyton line from La-Z-Boy, as well as others from Agio, Ty Pennington, Grand Resort, Country Living and Garden Oasis. You’re sure to find plenty of great ways to customize even the most spacious of outdoor living areas beautifully.

Patio furniture that suits your space

Before you shop, look at your deck or patio as you would a room inside your house. Take accurate measurements; then, make an informal sketch, showing where the entry or entries into your house are located, as well as any stairways or built-in features, such as a fireplace or planters. It’s important to note where you’ll have clearances and aisles so that people can move around easily, especially when carrying food or drinks.

Patio designs for different zones

Once you’ve sketched the space, decide where to locate your outdoor patio furniture. Keep dining and seating areas far enough away from the grill, however, so that cooking odors and smoke won’t bother you or your guests.

La-Z-Boy-Peyton-4-piece-seating-setCreate separate “rooms” within your large outdoor space using various different, but coordinated, pieces. Begin with your dining set, which should be planned to accommodate both family meals and outdoor dinner parties.

Plan a separate conversation area, where you’ll want coordinated comfortable seating pieces that include a cushy sofa and matching chairs, plus a coffee table and side tables for drinks and snacks. Group these pieces in front of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for extra cozy ambiance. For sun protection, shade the area with a freestanding umbrella.

You may also want to consider adding a bistro set, just outside the door where you can enjoy a morning coffee, or off in a corner as extra seating for guests. Or, incorporate a bar set into your design. Locate it in the La-Z-Boy-Peyton-chaise-loungemain part of your deck or patio, or reserve a separate space for it at an outside corner where guests can go for a drink or to chat up the bartender. It can also serve as extra seating at large parties.

Cozy covering

An aluminum hard-top gazebo will immediately define a space. Create a “dining room” or a cozy area with grouped seating. A gazebo with built-in lighting and netting will let you enjoy your outdoor room from morning into the night.

Just remember: When you’re looking for patio design ideas, start with the basics. Then follow through with coordinated patio furniture sets that make it easy to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance in your outdoor space.

-by Kathie Robitz


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