Patio Furniture Storage Tips for Storing Outdoor Furniture

Storage-chestPatio furniture storage is important if you want to keep your outdoor furniture clean, dry and out of the weather so it will keep looking good for longer. Especially in harsh winter areas, storing your patio furniture carefully will make it last much longer and look new for years to come.

Storing outdoor furniture

The ideal solution is to store patio furniture inside, where the weather can’t get at it. However, if you don’t want to use up your storage space, or your furniture is too bulky to store inside, you can safely store it outdoors. Use patio furniture covers to protect it, and group everything in a sheltered and out-of-the-way area.

Store cushions and seat covers in an outdoor chest. Chairs and other outdoor furniture should have their own covers. Covering your patio umbrella will add years to its life.

If you’re short on storage space, consider getting a garden shed; they come in a number of materials, including aluminum, resin and wood. It will keep your yard free of clutter and actually add to your yard’s appearance all year.

Outdoor furniture storage tips

Patio-furniture-coverFirst, clean your furniture carefully. On hard materials, use a two-sided sponge, the kind with a scrubbing surface. Use the cleaning solution you use on indoor counters, or use warm soapy water. Clean carefully, and be sure to scrub the undersides as well.

Cushion covers can sometimes be machine washed — look for the care label. Clean canvas umbrellas by spraying thoroughly with a solution of 1 teaspoon dish soap in a quart of water, and then scrubbing with a scrub brush. Leave open to dry thoroughly before covering.

All your furniture should be completely dry before you store it. Use clean rags to wipe everything dry, and let things dry in the sunshine, too, because wet furniture will grow mold.

Measure your furniture carefully for its covers, and write the measurements down. If you can’t get your precise size, though, go larger rather than smaller. The idea is to keep moisture out, and too small of a cover won’t do that as well.

Stack chairs, so they can all go under one cover. Fasten umbrellas closed before covering.

Tie on your patio furniture covers securely, especially if the weather gets fierce. Once winter sets in, inspect your furniture, especially after a storm, to make sure it’s still covered and dry. It’s moisture that does the damage.


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