Top 10 Gifts for Garden Enthusiasts

by Lindsey Paholski

If you’re an avid gardener, you can’t wait to get your hands dirty. You’re probably already planning your garden and tasting the fresh vegetables you’ll harvest in a few months. Why not celebrate nature, dirt and the outdoors during Garden Week, and buy yourself — and all your garden enthusiast friends — the perfect garden gifts.

New plants

Every gardener has room for new plants. Botanists introduce new colors and varieties of plants every year, and you’re sure to find ones that your friends will enjoy and appreciate this season.

Gardening glovesGardening gloves

Digging in the dirt is fun, but it’s hard on hands. Protect a gardener’s skin with leather, cotton or nylon gardening gloves. While you’re at it, tuck a small jar of petroleum jelly into one glove and hand lotion into the other. Applying a small dollop of jelly under fingernails prevents dirt from lodging there, and lotion keeps hands soft and smooth no matter how hard they work.

Garden clogs

Protective and comfortable shoes make gardening even more pleasant. Your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness Watering canas they wear their new garden clogs.

Watering can

Watering a garden is an outdoor enthusiast’s biggest chore. Make the job easier with a watering can. Choose one that’s easy to carry even when it’s full, and help your friend nurture beautiful flowers and vegetables all season.


A pair of sharp trimmers keeps a garden looking its best. Give a pair that easily cuts through thin or thick branches. Include a gift certificate for blade sharpening so your friend can use the tool all summer.

Pocket prunersPocket pruners

Small and delicate herbs and flowers need a gentle touch. Pocket pruners are perfect for the job. They’re handheld shears that are an essential tool for gardeners who want to maintain their plants’ beauty and health.

Stepping stones

Flowers, vegetables and trees transform a garden into a work of art, but landscaping needs accessories too. Give stepping stones to your gardening friends so they can navigate through their prized flowerbeds. Add a personal touch by buying stones with inspirational sayings, attractive carvings or painted designs that add whimsy and color to any garden.

Hanging garden signs

Garden signs help your friends welcome visitors, fairies and butterflies to their garden. The signs attach to a post that stays secure in the ground as they attract admirers.

Bird feederBird feeders

Welcome feathered friends to hang out in a beautiful garden when you give a bird feeder. Feeders are easy to assemble and maintain, and they provide hours of enjoyment. Include a package of seeds that enhance any urban, suburban or rural garden.

Gathering basket

When a garden overflows with flowers or produce, your friends need a tool that transports the generous harvest indoors. Gathering baskets are sturdy and easy to carry. They make harvest time easier and ensure all of the garden’s abundance is used, not wasted.

Which one of these gardening gifts is on your wish list? Tell us in the comments section below.


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