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Simple Bike Tune Up for Spring

It’s time to pull the bike out of hibernation, but before you can enjoy a nice smooth ride there are a few minor things you may need to do to. Don’t worry you don’t need any special tools or expertise, and it only takes a few minutes before you’re road-ready.
Clean the Chain
There are chain cleaners that make this task a lot easier and less messy. They’ll get into the crevices your fingers won’t be able to. And there are cleaner & lubricants that allow you to do both with one squeeze… See More

Find the Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Now that we’ve sprung forward and are getting our wardrobes ready for the spring and summer, it’s officially time to start shopping for a new pair of shades. With dozens of shapes and hundreds of styles to choose from, buying new sunnies can be overwhelming. Too often women just choose a random trendy pair of sunglasses that are either too large, too small or simply just the wrong shape.

It’s all about YOU when it comes to your sunglasses. Yes, personal style comes into play here but more… See More

What’s the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body Type?

It’s swimwear season, ladies. Pack your thick wooly sweaters in the back of your closet and bust out the bathing suits. In a society of stick-thin models and unrealistic expectations, it’s normal for any women (even the stick-thin models) to feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit. That’s why it’s important to dress in suits that flatter your figure and are comfortable for you to wear.

Knowing how to dress your body type and what looks good on you can boost your confidence level and leave you… See More

Spring Sports and Kids: Get Active

Most children spend an average of five to seven hours daily in front of a screen, whether it’s a television, computer or other electronic device, reports the National Institutes of Health. When the warmer weather arrives, it’s time to turn off the power button and get the kids involved in outdoor sports and activities. Keep active with spring sports for kids such as baseball, softball and soccer.

Get your kids off the couch and outside with recreational sports through your local park district… See More

Medicine Ball

Would you like to work out with the same piece of fitness equipment that professional athletes, iron men & women, and Crossfitters use during their workouts? Good news. You can. Medicine balls are a staple in these workouts. Luckily, they are common in most gyms, fitness centers, professional training studios and home gyms. Additionally, medicine balls range in prices from inexpensive to expensive.

Medicine Ball Origin

Medicine balls may be new to you, but medicine balls have actually… See More

Brunch Ideas

I hear the word “brunch” and I think of long weekend mornings, stretching into afternoon, with friends and family – what’s not to love about that?  By definition, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, allowing us free range to prepare sweet and savory items, side by side, for enjoyment at one meal.  As always, it helps to plan ahead, so the morning remains relaxed even for you, the host.  There are a variety of things that can be prepared ahead of time – batters, whole grains,… See More

The Best Tax Apps for filing Taxes

It has never been easier to prepare and file your taxes. Apps for Android Tablets and iPads can estimate your taxes. Answers to tax questions are at your fingertips. Filling out tax forms can be as easy as taking a photo of your W-2s. Apps for filing taxes walk you through the process and fill in the information on the proper line. With a series of taps, your taxes can be completed without special knowledge. If you still feel like you need help, apps can direct you to the right local tax preparer.  … See More

How to Invest for Baby: Starting from Scratch

Investing money for your child’s future takes a little research and consideration. You want to get the maximum benefit with the least amount of tax deduction. Here are some things to think about to guide you to the best investment.

Figure Out How Much You Want to Invest. Maybe you need a place to put monetary gifts from grandma, grandpa and other family members and friends—that’s a good starting point. My dad playfully tried to encourage me to go to his alma mater by pairing a monetary gift… See More

How to Take Great Nature Photographs

Maybe your photos won’t make the cover of National Geographic, but here are some simple techniques that’ll up your game when shooting nature shots.


Forget the how-to book. Look closely at a book or website that has nature photographs you like and pay close attention to everything going on in the frame. What do you like about it? Think about the focus, the colors, the depth of field. How is this photo telling a compelling story?

Be patient

The best nature shots aren’t necessarily… See More

Fit Apps that Can Help Make the Most of Your Workout

Are you having a tough time staying committed to your fitness goals? Maybe you need an app for that.

Fittr (

Fittr is a slick new mobile app that helps you create a fun and efficient workout. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in or how you like to work out (strength or cardio). Fittr works around your personal goals, access to equipment and schedule to create the optimal routine, and it integrates well with numerous fitness tracking devices. It can also tap into your social… See More

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