11/29/12. I went to the electronics department, Sears at Del Amo Mall, and I was not greeted by the two guys standing, chatting when i said can you help me. And the man name Israel said Yes to me, but when I pointed to him the phone cellular that i want to be assisted, he said wait, and instead another man name Alvin came up to me. not only I did not appreciate how that man Israel handled himself to me, what kind of customer service he given me, switching me to that man Alvin. After I purchased the phone from that Alvin, He was rushing me, said he has to make some phone call, and given me signal like Leave. That is very unacceptable. Not only he did not properly professionally given me proper customer service, he was boosting that he has dealt with his line of work for 40 years. What is that kind of customer service, did not tell me come back real soon some sort of customer service, but given me the gesture to leave the electronic department after i purchased the phone. The Electronic department, they are very unfriendly, and not customer service knowledgeable not at all. Even the woman that works there, also not professional.


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  1. Hi syl7! I am so sorry to hear you were treated this way at your local Sears. Please know we want to make sure our customers receive the best service and to be treated respectfully and welcoming. We appreciate you visiting today to let us know about your experience. I will make sure to pass your feedback along to the Stores team so they can let the managers know your thoughts.

      • San Jose, CA

    The CSAT form that you can fill out at the Sears site, using the transaction number from your purchased item receipt has multiple choice questions and a place to enter in a comment.

    You may want to use this tool to help improve future Electronics Department performance.

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