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  1. Air force 8 years

  2. Marine Corps going on 9 years.

  3. 26 bsb
    2nd ABCT

  4. US ARMY National Guard. Have been serving 26 years!

  5. 2-12 Infantry Regiment
    4th Brigade Combat Team
    4th Infantry Division

  6. We are US Army. Proud of my husband!

  7. 4th brigade, 1st Cavalry division (don't nothing happen till something moves)BIG TRUCK's

  8. USAF going on 10 years

  9. Army

  10. We are Navy! It's been a good life.

  11. Usaf

  12. United States Marine Corps four years in Twentynine Palms CA :)

      • San Jose, CA

    I served in the US Army, 709 Maintenance Battalion attached to the 9th Infantry Division as a 44E20 Machinist.

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