2 lemon fridges in less than 9 months!! Can someone help?

Initial purchase: $880 Kenmore fridge delivered to home Oct. 2012
Feb. Sears Case # 63664317 Paulette ID 251862
7/26/13 Case # 6458505: Sylvia Gift card for $50 was offered to me today.

Problem #1: On Feb. 4th, discovered the evap canister on our new fridge had failed. We ended up with a new replacement fridge on 2/7/13 with warranty extended to 2/8/14. During this whole ordeal with many calls between 2/4-2/7, and many calls to Tech Support, Food Loss and Master Protection Agreement Line, we were offered $200 to cover our Food Loss even though we were never offered the Master Protection Agreement when we initially purchased the fridge in October. We NEVER received the $200 for our food loss or any other form of compensation for being without a fridge for 4 whole days.
Problem #2:
I purchased this fridge for my brother who is disabled. I receive a call that they went into the freezer and discovered that everything had defrosted and it was barely cool inside the fridge. I’m being told there was over $100 in meat that we do not how long it had been defrosted and at what temp so I advised them to pitch it so no one gets sick.
I call Tech Support who does some troubleshooting and realizes that this fridge cannot be repaired over the phone and tells me at 9:45 PM, THURSDAY July 25th that a tech will be out TOMORROW between 1-5 PM and possibly before 1 PM because we qualify for emergency repair service.
Today at 4:30 PM, I called because no tech had arrived yet and am told that the crew will be out TOMORROW as in SATURDAY between 1-5 and because we qualified for emergency service possibly earlier. Emergency service was supposed to be within 24 hours. I had another person on the line with m and we both heard TOMORROW as in Friday not Saturday which is outside the 24 hour repair service window anyway. So, at this late hour today, no one can come as they’ve go home to their families for the day and we home something can be done tomorrow.

Today, it’s 6:05 PM an d 95 minutes later, I’m still on the phone with my 5th person I think being shuffled back and forth between the departments. No one is honoring the initial promise of $200 food loss for the exception that was made for our lemon delivery.

- Repair service ASAP at 561 R*** A**, A**** OH 44**** with techs that either fix this fridge or replace with another unit. If a replacement is required again for a fridge that is only a few months old, we do NOT WANT THE SAME MODEL #. We request an upgrade to a model that has no history of bad evap canisters or going out completely.
- Honor original $200 food loss prevention from February and issue to me at:
Kay and I will provide to my brother to buy replacement food from food lost in February
- Food loss reimbursement for this current fridge that went completely caput after only a few months. Yes, it was nice of Sylvia to issue $50 but I know they lost over $100 in the freezer alone.

- Issuance of a Master Protection Agreement for 5 years at a reduced rate. Since it was never offered in October and I learned all about in on my many calls in February, I did elect not to purchase a 5-year agreement for $405 because it seemed outrageous to buy an agreement for a fridge that was almost 50% of the purchase cost. Since our confidence in Sears\Kenmore products has eroded even further, I’d appreciated a 5-year agreement at $100 as I hope this will be last more than 5 years and then food loss would automatically be covered if God forbid, something happens again to our brand new fridge. We really hope and pray this letter reaches someone who can 1. Honor the initial promise of $200 for food loss and 2. Someone with the abilty to offer a Master Protection Agreement at a reduced rate and 3. Compensate us in some way for our many HOURS to accommodate that loss, the 3 hours on the phone, the miscommunication for the date of repair being off by one day and getting shuffled back and forth 2 days in a row.

Finally did I mention that yesterday I was diagnose with a concussion, had a CT scan on my brain and was told to lie down and do nothing that would cause stress? This has taken every rain cell I had while trying to recuperate and get back to work. My brain literally hurts even more from dealing with this.

I do have confidence that someone will say, “Kay, you should have not 2 brand fridges go out in 8 months. We stand behind our products and why you ended up with 2 lemons defies explanations. Why you were told “tomorrow’ which really meant “day after tomorrow” means that tech will be updated on explaining to customers how to select the right day in the system for a repair, we will reissue your credit for $200 from February and something for your current loss. Also, how about a Master Protection Agreement for 5 years starting July 27 for 5 years for $100 to show you we stand behind our products. I am so sorry you’ve had to go through this and we will also look into re-training our departments who keep passing you back and forth with no resolution.”

Thank you for your help as we work together to resolve this matter.




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  1. Hello, Kay! My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I saw your post today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. We are truly sorry for the troubles you have encountered with your refrigerator and the lack of customer service you have received. We certainly can see why you are so disappointed and upset over what has occurred with your repair. We would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss your situation and ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (2lemonfridge), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you, Liz R. MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi Kay,

    Thank you for reaching out to us in the MySears Community!

    We are very sorry to hear that you have been switched from one person to another without any of your issues being resolved.

    I would love to help you be having one of our SearsCares team respond to your issues at hand. This team will do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

    If you can please check back periodically one of our team members will be responding with some additional information.

    Please know that I will be sending the SearsCares team your address and removing from our website to protect your privacy as well as security.

    Thank you!

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