32″ Spectre Flat Screen TV Flickers

Hi Barb,

I have had this TV for a little over a year and it now flickers when I first turn it on.

I thought at first it was when a cable tech installed my cable, but since moving and now using a different company, installation is the same.

All cables have been checked to make sure nothing is loose. After about 15 minutes the screen is perfect. NO other issues after it is warmed up.

Does this mean it is going out? Any other thoughts on what it could be?

Thank you!


1 answer

  1. A flickering TV may be the sign that your TV is on its way to needing a repair, or it can be caused by the signal coming into the TV. Before you take it in or call for a repair, take a few more steps to rule out other variables.

    First, you want to see if it is the signal coming into the TV. Do you have a device connected to another input? If so, change to that input by pressing the “input” or “source” button on your remote. Does the flickering continue when you change to the other input? If it does, it’s probably the TV not the signal coming into the TV.

    If you don’t have anything else connected, you’ll need to do some more troubleshooting. How is the cable box connected to the TV? Is it an HDMI cable? (It will be connected into an input labeled “HDMI 1”,(or 2, etc.) Have you been using the same cable? Even if a cable is securely connected it can go bad. I’ve had more than one HDMI cable fail, and when it did, there was flickering or would flicker and show snow. Buy a new HDMI cable. Likewise, the end of a coaxial cable can come loose and the signal can flicker.