6 weeks to repair a Sears purchased extended waranty washer that is 6 month old is not acceptable

Purchased a GE washer an dryer in march failed in november repair man said pump would be available in 2 week in december. Very poor service
Will consider this with my next purchase
Right now sears service is pretty low with me


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  1. deiter,

    Hi, my name is Brian with the Sears Cares team. We're sorry to hear about your washer not working properly. This would frustrate anyone given how relatively new the unit is as well as the length of time you've been told it would take to get it repaired. We would be happy to contact you and make sure that your repair is completed as soon as possible and to your satisfaction.Please send the following information – contact # and screen name (deiter) to Again, we apologize for any frustration and we look forward to speaking with you.

    Thank you,

    Brian H.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi there, deiter!

    Welcome to MySears! Thanks so much for reaching out on our community and giving us the opportunity to help. I am sorry that you are having such a hard time getting your washer repaired. I know being out of a washer for that long is a true hardship on a family. I am sending this along to SearsCares, the customer service escalation team, who will do what they can to help.

    A team member will be by shortly requesting more information.

    Keep us posted on the progress!