665.13964k015 motor clamp failed?? can’t find the post regarding this. I believe my motor clamp is off or broken Is something i can fix. it should still be under warranty. thanks

my diswater was making a noise for a second or two everytime water started. I took the access panel off at the bottom and saw the motor in the back resting on the floor and can push it up with a yardstick. Dishwater worked great for about 1 month before this noise started.


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    One thing that has worked for me, on a unit that is well PAST its warranty period, is to remove the pump grate at the bottom of the dishwasher and use a wet-dry vacuum, in wet mode - no paper filter installed) to vacuum out any debris that may be jamming the impeller of the pump.

    This will in no way damage your unit and may clear a jam of unpopped popcorn kernels, grape seeds or anything else smaller than the grate openings and HARD.

    You may have to do more than one vacuuming to reach all of the impeller's blades.

    Can't hurt.

    Good luck.

  1. Only 3 months old, it should still be under warranty. Should you attempt any repairs yourself you may well void that warranty. You paid for the warranty when you purchased the machine. My suggestion is use the warranty.

  2. Hi hp-jerry! Thanks for posting your model number-that is very helpful for troubleshooting. Check back on this thread soon for a reply from an Appliance Expert. They should have a suggestion or two!

  3. There are exploded parts diagrams at: could you please identify which part it is that you think has failed?

  4. How old is this washer, is it still under warranty?

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      yes about 3 months old. started making a bzzzzzz..... sound when water stated being pumped. At first i thought the arms were hitting were hitting dishes or the little float but i reomoved the bottom rack and the noise continued. took off the bottom access paneland in the back of the dishwasher a big white plastic piece was laying down touching the floor.
      i used a yard stick and can lift it. Looked on parts diagram and the part identifies it as the pump assembly. I got a hit online when i put in the model #665.13964K015 and the link "motor clamp failed" and "recall" came back but the link on this site seemed broken so I wasnt sure exactly what I needed. The DW is sort of a pain to pull out because of the cabinet it is in and I wanted to only do it once. I can and probably will call in a service call on it but I actually feel better if i do the work and if it just needs a clamp should be easy unless they have not improved or modified the clamp/holder and it continues to fail. thanks

    2. In response to inquisitivemind

      Hello hp-jerry: I strongly suggest to stop using the dishwasher and call and set up a service appointment to have the problem resolved. It could begin leaking or cause a flood if you continue using the dishwasher.

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