A Major Flaw In The Design Of This Site?

Does anyone else agree with me that it is a major flaw that the latest post is not ‘at the top of the list’? I find it frustrating and time consuming trying to find out if anyone has added anything to a thread am interested in! aving to reeve throughall the posts I have made, all the posts I have ‘Liked’ is a proverbial pain. Added to that I have tried to rate the comments as ‘Helpful’ or not as the case maybe now ‘Helpful’ is a lot different to ‘Liked’ in my book. I may well consider something ‘Helpful’ but I may not ‘Like’ it, so I would ask that this pointbe addressed, what do you want ‘Helpful’ or ‘Liked’?


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  1. I agree, this site is just not user friendly. I've said this before, but I'll comment again on this thread. I have lost my profile, picture, photos, friends, fans, list of my reviews, badges and points earned. The old site may have been becoming tired, but scrapping all the aforementioned features does not seem like an improvement to me.

  2. I hate this site and probably wont be on much at all. Evidently this site goes back at least a couple of years you'd think that all the bugs would be worked out by now. At least since 2010 is searchable. I searched for the key word 'energy' and it goes back at least that far.

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      Scroll all the way down. Hummm.

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      This site must of became live March 4, 2010. Key word "SHC".

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      So SHC has this useless blog site laying around that no one responds to for a couple of years. Or very few responses to the posts that SHC had posted. And a light bulb goes on in someone's head, I know, lets use that useless blog and make it the community!

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    I'd like to be able to post pictures with some of my posts.

  3. I totally agree that the fact that threads never go back to the top is a problem, but I think that it actually is designed that way. Customer issues and complaints "disappear" more quickly, and Sears wants that to happen.

    Other issues are the fact that there are only 10 threads per page, meaning that it is harder to search for a previous thread, there is no way to go to a certain page without going back page by page.

    One other thing that is aggravating is that there is no way to remain signed in, almost every time you come to the site you have to sign in again.

    It seems that the design is actually planned to discourage participation

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      After another 7 weeks of this site I now believe it is even worse than you indicate.
      It seems that almost any post that is critical of, or could be construed as critical of, Sears management is deleted.
      What I find extremely telling is that posts referring clients to government sites which explain their rights are also deleted. To me that begs the question "What are they (Sears) afraid of.".
      To me it seems that what Sears want is the client to air their complaint, a moderator to acknowledge it, and then one of the 'ring dancers' to come on and start leading the client on the 'roundabout' but that is done 'behind the scenes' so the general public do not know what is going on.
      It also seems that Sears may have tried to get some of their technical "Experts' involved but there are very few technical questions posted and answers are not prompt. Faster answers are normally available at the Manage My Life Site where most of the 'Experts' I find are knowledgeable and helpful.

  4. Hi Inquisitive! Thanks for the feedback! We are working hard to make this new site even better than the old! Keep the ideas coming! What else do you miss from the old site, or new features would you like to see? We are looking to make this new Community even better than before and appreciate all insight to help make it great!

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