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  1. This happens about 50% o0f the time that I come to this site. When I try to sign in, usually is returns to the sign in page with the message system error.

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      Probably due to heavy usage ;)

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      Hi BigMike4511,

      Is it when using a specific browser such as IE or Google Chrome etc.? Tech support has been notified.

      Thank you for letting us know!

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      I use Firefox but the issue is the same on IE and Chrome. Sometimes I can sign in on the main Sears page and it will allow me to do so, sometimes the issue is all across the site.

      It also has been very slow to load pages in the last week or so, today it is better. It seems to be a server issue

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      Great! I appreciate the information BigMike!

      I had an issue posting this past weekend with Google Chrome but have had no further issues since then.

      So I thank you and Madgolfer for giving us a heads up on the situation!

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      From the lack of activity here, I doubt that it is heavy usage.

  2. Hi madgolfer!

    I am sorry that you are having difficulties with posting in the Community!

    Can you tell us what browser you are using when trying to post? Can you also provide the Page URL in which the issue existed?

    This would be a great help!

    Thank you!

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      Hi Wendy, the same browser I posted the question with, must have been a glitch, thanks.

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      Thank you!

      Let us know if you have any further issues!

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      Hi Wendy, still very frustrating: I am using Safari from an iPhone and am unable to post responses to questions that show the word "reader" up in the window. No problem posting in this thread because the word"reader" does not appear in the browser window. I'm not very tech savvy and appreciate any tips. TIA.

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      Yikes! Thank you for the update!

      I have sent a message to tech to see if they can help provide any tips to help with this issue.

      Check back periodically for I will post once I receive an answer!

      Thank you!