Calgary, Alberta – our furance broke down two weeks ago, it’s only a three-year-old furance. It was -40 celsius outside when it broke down at 11 pm. Home with my two young children, alone, I phoned the first emergency furnace repair technician I could – he arrived at my house within 30 min. and assessed the blower on the furnace malfunctioned and replaced it. I called Kenmore the next day and told them what happened. They said they would not honour my warranty and refund me the $740 to get the blower replacement part because I did not go through Sears to repair my furnace. I am extremely angry and disappointed that Sears/Kenmore cannot appreciate the emergency situation I was in. Nowhere on my furnace does it say to contact Sears for repairs, nor was there an emergency phone number to call. I want my $740 refunded immediately!


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  1. Hi there, dncalgary! Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we only have the capacity to assist with US related concerns. I would recommend you reach out to Sears Canada either through the Canadian FB page (, or Twitter @searsCA.

    Hope that helps.