Another disappointing week. Has anyone else had the same issues?

I am now going into NINE weeks waiting for a repair of an ice maker…as a review: Sears was called the week of August 12 to repair my ice maker/refrigerator covered under a protection agreement. It took THREE weeks to schedule the appointment. When the technician arrived on September 7 he ordered new parts (an ice maker and an auger). The parts were shipped and I had to wait for another THREE weeks for an appointment to have them installed. That was the beginning of October. The technician installed the new parts, tested and deemed the ice maker okay. But it was NOT. A week later (after travelling), I called again and was given a repair appointment in THREE weeks, the second weekend in November. I was able to locate a local number for the A&E (Sears) service routing office and they graciously assisted in getting someone out almost immediately. This was the THIRD visit and the technician said the new ice maker was defective and thank heaven he had another one in his truck. He installed it, but found there was a problem with the water valve and that part had to be ordered. Again, I was told the next service appointment would be THREE weeks. I again called the local A&E routing office and they again came to my rescue. The new water valve was installed that weekend on Saturday. The technician had installed the first new icemaker and was WONDERFUL and offered to check back with me to make sure the repair was working the next day. He did call and it was his day off. IT WASN’T WORKING. I had been in contact with the Sears Cares office, Sarah, and she also called the morning after the repair. I told her IT WAS NOT WORKING. She said she would resolve the issue and would get back to me the following day…SHE DID NOT. I called the Sears Cares office again today, FOUR DAYS later and Sarah had not been in and no one had done anything with my case. They offered to have another repair scheduled…you guessed it…in THREE WEEKS! I again called the local A&E office (now almost friends) and the GREAT technician and he came to do a quick look at the problem…and apparently there is still a problem! I am now awaiting a call from the local A&E office regarding yet another repair visit (since the Sears Cares office has offered NOTHING before November 9. Let’s see how this drama plays out. I must warn consumers. While Sears has some GREAT TECHNICIANS, their customer service is TERRIBLE (and I think they know it).


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  1. Hi corknne! I am so sorry that your ice maker is still not working properly. I am going to pass this along to the SearsCares-either your case manager or someone from the team will be in touch today.