Any exciting New Years plans?

Anyone have exciting New Years plans? Mine are to get home and change into sweatpants, cook some dinner, then watch a Harry Potter marathon with my roommate. A bottle of sparkling wine to ring in the new year, but avoid driving at all costs 1. the weather is getting bad 2. Don’t want to be around possible drunk drivers. Everyone have a safe and happy New Years! Don’t drink and drive. Have a designated driver, call someone to pick you up, find out if your community offers free busses, taxis, tows etc.


2 answers

  1. Such a nice night, filmdork! I love a melllow New Year's Eve.

    We just went to a friend's house for dinner. Super mellow night.

  2. Nothing to exciting here. Your night sounds a lot like how mine is going to be! Staying home, ordering dinner and watching all the New Year's Eve specials on TV. As you said, I hope everyone that does go out tonight has a lot of fun, but most importantly stays safe! Happy New Year!

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