Any plans to continue expanding the Triangle Tools selection?

I see that some Triangle Tools are no longer sold on, some are sold with normal pricing, and some are on Clearance. Is Sears going to discontinue selling the brand, or update with newer models?


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    Good news!

    They're on at $11.99 and $7.99 for Craftsman Club members, while this month's Savers Days sale is on.

    Now for the more interesting news.

    The TriGrips are know on as item number 00934765000 or model number 16001000 and as model number 34765 in the stores.

    Using a lookup on TriGrips or one of the previously described numbers will lead you to the TriGrip description page and allow you to do a local Store Pickup search to see if your local Sears store has any available for purchase.

    Should you go to the store looking for them, try looking around the router or sander accessories area of the Tool Department.

    1. Triangle Tools brand. Not Craftsman brand TriGrip supports.

      Also, the TriGrips are set at a higher price for the Saver Days sale than they are for other Sears sales. A savy Club member would ignore anything from a Craftsman Club sale, and shop during the Sears sales meant for everyone.

  1. Hi Mit_1! Thanks for your question today. I am looking into this for you and will post and update when I hear back.


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      No info?