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Anymore Craftsman T-shirts in a tin products being worked on?

I really liked the initial tins with mottoes of “Working to Live – Living to Work”, “Real Men don’t NEED Instructions”, “There is no such THING as too many tools”.

Good shirts, with excellent matching saying and artwork tins.

New ones might say, “OIL?”, “Rust is Bad”, “Danger – Person with Power Tools” and, “I need a Bigger tool”.


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    I'm going through a sort of transitional weight loss deal right now. So, T-shirt sales for me would probably be BOTH an X-Large for the present me and a Large for the soon to be me, a little later from now.

    That would make it TWO collectible tins and a not too-used left-over T-shirt, to boot!

  1. I have been given a ton of promotional t-shirts from Sears. I got a free Craftsman t-shirt about 2 years ago, the design is actually pretty cool on front and back.

        • San Jose, CA

      In response to Civsci

      I really liked the Craftsman robot artwork.

      Any idea why the Tool Department Associates were wearing "green" shirts today?

      And, they were wearing TIES, too!

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