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  1. I have had a lot of luck looking older things, pc, chargers, pieces of furniture and how to do it on You Tube, Maybe give it a try...?

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    Is the battery a removeable battery or built-in the drill type of battery?

  2. According to the nature of your question, I assume that you do not have the original charger for that battery. Depending on the age of the drill, the charger may still be available. You can check the owner's manual for information about the charger. You may be able find a replacement charger on the Sears PartsDirect website. If you need more help, reply with additional details and the full model number of your portable drill.

  3. Hi japop13! Thanks for posting your question today. I am going to see if one of the Tool Experts can offer a suggestion or two for your battery. Hang tight! Check back soon for a reply right here on this thread.