anyone own a kenmore elite 5 quart mixer?

If so, does the head jiggle up and down when kneading bread?


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  1. Hi daksky! Looks like you have a few replies on your thread from the other day, as well.

    Click here to view them. Let's try to keep all replies on the subject contained to your original thread, too. That will make it a little easier for yourself and other members to reference. Thanks!

  2. Hi daksky,

    Welcome to the MySears Community!

    While you are waiting for a response from other members who may have also used this product, have you looked up the item and read any of the reviews yet? At times people leave reviews on issues that they may have had with their product. So this might be a good place to start for some answers.

    I did find some Kenmore Elite's, but do not know which one you are currently using, that you can see if there are any reviews on your specific one.

    Hope this helps a little bit and let us know if we can help you further!

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