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  1. Given the current glut of natural gas, and the fact that burning natural gas is currently the cheapest way to make electricity, why pay an electric company to burn gas to inefficiently make electricity, plus a profit? Why not just burn the gas directly and save yourself a ton of money? Assuming you have gas in the house (you probably do since you asked the question), gas is much cheaper than electricity for any kind of heat generating equipment, whether it's a water heater, home heating or a clothes dryer.

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  3. I'm afraid it's a bit of an (accidentally) loaded question. The best response is, "the most efficient dryer is the kind you have a hookup for already." If you only have a gas hookup, get a gas dryer, or spend around $400-500 in electrical work to get an outlet and dedicated circuit installed. Or, if you only have an electric hookup, get an electric dryer, or spend around $400-500 getting the plumbing done.

    And, the answer to such a question depends largely upon your particular electricity rates and natural gas rates. If it were years ago, when natural gas was incredibly cheap, the answer would have been an easy "yes." And, even then, it's financial efficiency, not energy efficiency (X amount of heat will ALWAYS require Y amount of energy, but how much Y amount of energy costs to produce can vary). With market volatility for petroleum products of all kinds, and increased electricity production in many parts of the country using wind, solar, and pre-existing sources (hydro, nuclear, coal), and knowing how infrastructure costs will eventually be driven back to the consumer at some point, it's not as easy an answer as it once was.

    That's why you should really just be concerned about which kind of dryer you're already set up for. It will make life a whole lot simpler. And, with a high efficiency washing machine, the dryer won't have to work so hard, which is what will REALLY save you money on the drying end!

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    This is a great question for which has other options to consider when choosing and electric or gas dryer.

    We have a great guide set up in our community that might be able to help you in choosing which one is best in fitting your families needs.

    Click on "How to Shop for the Right Washer and Dryer" and scroll down to "Dryer types". Here you will find the difference between the electric and gas dryers as well as features that you may or may not need.

    After reading, please come back in and post if you have further questions that this guide did not help in answering for you.

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