Are You A Home Owner?

If so, what projects have you done around the home to increase your home’s value?

I currently am not a home owner, but my sister has just bought a house that needs plenty of love. One of the first things that the family tackled was painting, inside and out. What a big difference and the transformation was remarkable.

Do you have any special tips and tricks that you would like to share in increasing the value of one’s home?

Feel free to share!


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      • San Jose, CA

    We've been working on the property around our house, in concert with the house repairs and improvements.

    Some items with the landscaping take years to mature and should be started sooner than later.

    Trees for shade and protection of the house finish are a good example of how starting some aspects of a project are more time sensitive than others.

    It obviously takes "time" for a 5 gallon plant to establish itself and grow large in a landscape design.

    To help the trees grow, we've had drip irrigation on the plants since the time they first were planted to the over 12 foot tall (Redwoods) big guys we've got out back, now.

    The area our house is in is a forested area with some surrounding properties.

    So. There are fire concerns about having all of the trees so near.

    "Fire load", in the form of fallen and dead trees, along with the piles of leaves and needles the trees generate needs to be taken into account, from day one.

    It's no good to have the perfect house get burned down by fire racing through a forested area that didn't have its fire load items cleaned out before the last dry-lightning thunder storm.

    One of our first investments was a big'ol shed to hold all of the Lawn & Garden tools, including a Craftsman tractor, to serve as a base of outdoor operations in the cleaning, and improvement of the house's property.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of DIY!

    1. Hi AdamO,

      Trees will not be an issue with this place, plus they have quite a few apple tree's which are beautiful and healthy!

      They have pretty much landscaped around the perimeter of the home for they have 3 acres of land. The only other area's to clean out is around the old water pump house and barn for which they are starting to fill with winter wood.

      All in all, its a breath taking and tranquil place to visit especially with the wrap around porch so that we can sit out side and visit while over looking the wooded property.

      The way you speak of your homestead sounds just as wonderful!

      Thank you for your feedback and tips! It's great to hear from others on what they have done to their property, inside and out! ;-)

  1. Ha-this is very timely, Wendy! We just bought a new home that needs way MORE than just a little TLC. Kind of overwhelming, but our first project is going to be some painting, just to make it look cleaner and nicer before we really get started on the nitty gritty of getting our new house in shape!

    In this house, we took our time, but bought new appliances when we could. I know buyers really appreciated them when it was time to sell. If she is able to buy one at a time, here and there, I think that helps increase the value a bit.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I so agree with the painting. It is amazing how uplifting the house has become with lighter shades of fresh paint and really gives the house a homey feel to it.

      She will definitely have to invest in all new appliances for this kitchen has never been updated. It is an extremely old house for which the previous owner had built for his family back in the early 1960's.

      One thing that I had found amazing with her home, is that the seller had used every nook and cranny of this house which in our eyes brought value to the home. In these spaces were extra storage pantries and closets unseen by the naked eye unless shown. REMARKABLE!

      Good luck on your new home, your input is greatly appreciated!

      A day at a time on the TLC! ;-)

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