Artificial tree or real?

Artificial prelit, easy getting the branches just right for hanging each ornament and the rotating base lets you enjoy all of them.


3 answers

  1. I do the artificial tree. Several factors. 1. I have a cat 2. I don't have the time to go shopping for one. 3. Easier to clean up 4. I can just use a fresh balsam wallflower from bath and body works to make it smell like a pine tree.

  2. Every year I say I want to buy an artificial tree for the same reasons you gave, but somehow I always come home with a real one! They are so messy, but I enjoy picking out a real one and then of course the pine smell!

    1. In response to SHC-RyanO

      @Ryan, picking the tree may be a guy thing. I let the kids pick the tree when they were younger, as a sibling relationship exercise. They were very agreeable that close to Christmas.