August 21, 2013 Re: 3809913 Dear Customer Rep, On May 28, 2013 we had a refurbished Dell laptop shipped to our Florida residence Per an order my husband placed with Sears. It had the XP system that I needed To excess my recipe program I needed for our upcoming trip to Michigan. The 1st computer sent never would boot up – so it was exchanged for another Refurbished XP laptop from Zoom USA – which we took to Michigan Within a week of use (toward to end of June) it had a missing file error That wouldn’t allow use of the computer – so we contacted Zoom USA To ask for a restore disk. When it arrived when we were back home in Florida It would not restore past 70% and I am getting no further response from Zoom USA – What are our options at this point? Gwen S***** 1** ****** Dr *******, Fl 32162 3**-2**-**** S******* or g****2*


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  1. Hi shoeshopper13! Welcome to MySears! Sorry you are having such issues with your newly purchased computer. I removed your contact information for your security, but did pass it along to the SearsCares team, so they can directly reach out to you. Look to hear from them soon both on this thread and personally.