My resolution for 2013 is to never shop at Sears Stores
Del Amo Fashion CTR #0001278
22100 Hawthorn BLVD
Torrance, CA 90503
I went to this location today to return a kid’s jacket that I bought on December 24, 2012 at SEARS . The regular price was for $70.00 and I bought it on sale for $30.45.

As soon as I walked into the SEARS store on January 05 At 8.00 pm .
I went streight into 2 checkout desks .I stood there at each one for couple of minutes but no sales people around to help. So I finally spotted an open checkout desk. I explained the salesperson that I did not have my receipt but I had 3 more discount receipts that I was given when I bought it. I told her that I paid $30.45 for the jacket with my VISA CREDIT CARD.
I handled my credit card and CA I.D. She said the “all SEARS computer system was down” And all she could give me is store credit. I told her she could verify my credit card payment. And that I wanted my money back on my credit card. But she refused.
I asked to talk to the store manager.

Once the manager came “ANTONIO” was very rude , disrespectful,and unethical. He explained to me that ALL SEARS had a problem with their system and that there was nothing he could about it. He said he could not even give me a store credit because the system would not allowed him to.

I told ANTONIO I would file a compalaint with
WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS for not having their system fixed.


The store manager ANTONIO embarrased me and my family in front of two other families that were there waiting to pay.
Why would SEARS hire manager like ANTONIO that was unable to help the customers or give a solution to resolve their problems with their computer system was down.


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    The cell towers are DOWN.

    Call someone for help!

    Well. Go find a Pay Phone!

      • San Jose, CA

    It sounds more like extremely poor technical support. Power down to the "central processing station". I understand sears sells generators. Maybe a back-up generator could be arranged for the central communications center of the WHOLE US communications.

    Something similar happen to an individual store I was working in. Someone knocked out the power to the Mall! There were still customers trying to get into the closed store to purchase items, while various managers were TRYING to explain "no power - no registers - no registers no purchase.

    Many of the customers were claiming they could still "see" the merchandise, even without the lights on in the store.

    The explanation route just wasn't getting-it.

    I understand a few customers were even threatening to file papers via a compalaint with WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS.

    Off/ On.

    Dark/ Lighted.

    Working/ Not working.

    No weighing or measurement issues here. Everything is binary.

    Hopefully, this kind of incident will not happen again, due to the planning and reactionary awesomeness that sears can bring to bear on an identified problem.

    The only thing that could have made this a more happy story is hanging on to that printed receipt, or having a copy of the transaction ALSO sent to one's email address, at the time of purchasing the coat.

    Of course, this solution uses that process of 20/20 hind-sight that is ALL KNOWING and ALL SEEING - like the computer network running all of the sears machines in the country.

    I'm sure the problem will eventually be repaired and you can have a look up done for your purchase and make an exchange/ return done for your purchase.

    Good luck.

  1. Hi dailyinhawaiian! Looks like you posted this complaint on a couple of threads. I have addressed your issue here. Please see that link for a comment from our SearsCares team. They will reach out to help and do what they can to keep you as a customer. Thanks so much!

  2. The whole system was down what did you want them to do? It's kind of like a blackout you can flip the light switch as much as you want but you still aren't going to get light.

    The card reader was down, the registers were down, even was down. I guess the manager probably had his hands tied at that point in time. Even a gift card has to be loaded into the system.

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      I noticed the systems were down when last night I was unable to access our HR website for my work schedule or even paycheck.

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      Lets be realistic! Why should I inconvienence myself just because SEARS system was down. Why should I drive 18 miles ,waist my gasoline at $4.00 per gallon, and spend more time to come back again. I was not asking for cash back because I paid with my credit card. The MOD ANTONIO manager could offer me to leave the jacket with my credit card information and ANY OTHER MANAGER should of solve the problem at the next day. Plus I had to deal with his BAD ATTITUDE as soon as he come into the checkout desk. He looked mad even before I talked to him. May be SEARS should get a more reliable computer system and employees. I LOVE TO SHOP AND ON MY 30 YEARS OF SHOPPING EXPERIENCES THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I ENCOUNTER A STORE PROBLEM LIKE THIS. MAY BE BECAUSE THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME SHOPPING AT SEARS. May be SEARS should do a sticker return system like BLOOMINDALES ,NORSDTROMS and MACY's.
      I appreciate your valuable time and interest

    3. In response to ServiceLocally

      To daflyinhawaiian - Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to leave your credit card details 'laying about' for anyone to steal and all the potential problems that could cause you?
      For my 3 cents worth the manager appears to have acted correctly if a little abruptly.

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      Sears doesn't allow employees to write down credit card information on paper.

      It is a violation of PCI Security Standards.
      In the same way, federal law prohibits merchants to print your credit card number on your receipt.

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      That is one of your more 'helpful' comments.

  3. It is not very often that I 'stick up for Sears' but this, on the information given, is one of those few times.
    The poster did not have a receipt, that alone is enough for a refusal to accept an exchange/refund. The fact that the computer systems were 'down' is regrettable but unfortunately does happen from time to time even in a well run business.
    Possibly the manager was not as polite as he might have been but when faced with a situation where the client cannot be satisfied due to circumstances beyond his control firmness could easily be taken for rudeness.

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      Great response to the issue or facts as provided

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      To Vimk - Thank you.

    3. In response to inquisitivemind

      Just to offer some clarification, I was working a shift last night and at around 7:15pm or so the entire Sears network across the country went down and did not return before the store had closed for the night.

      I'm not privy to the exact details but it involved a power outage at the central server processing center which basically killed the ability of the stores to do anything. We couldn't process sales, returns, credit payments, ShopYourWay lookups, basically anything that required the register to access the network which means anything at all.

      Also, a word to the wise, never ever EVER leave your credit card information with anyone. Not a store, not a manager, not your mother if you're smart about it. Identity theft is a major problem in this country and we are told that under no circumstances are we to accept personal or credit information from a customer for use when they are not present. It is simply too dangerous for you and potentially hazardous for every party involved.

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      Kevin - Thank you, a very 'helpful' comment.

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