Best gifts for new parents and new baby?

My neighbors just had a new baby boy! Wondering if there are any ‘best gift ideas’ out there from parents in the community? What did you find most helpful when first bringing baby home? Any gift ideas out there? Looking for some help! I would like to show my support for the new family in some way but struggling to find the perfect gift.


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  1. I have always brought over a little gift basket that had baby shampoo, body wash, towel, and a pack of diapers and a little outfit in the next size range.

    Another way I had shown support was offered and IOU for a free night out when they were ready. Majority of the parents that I had offered this too, took me up on the offer after a few weeks. LOL

    I also like the dinner idea that Julie had mentioned. New parents are extremely tired as they are adjusting to the babies schedule. A nice home cooked meal can be quite a blessing especially when they are to tired to cook themselves! ;-)

  2. I know I REALLY appreciated when my friends and neighbors brought over a cooked dinner. That was super helpful those first few weeks. Thinking about cooking while you are trying to get used to a new baby can be daunting, at first.

    That, along with a small gift, like a small toy or book could make a good present!

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      Great suggestion, Julie. Thanks! I don't want to overwhelm them with visitors so maybe I will just drop off a yummy meal really quick and tell them I will come over and visit once the get settled in.

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