Brand New Bosch washer is making a very loud high pitch noise when spinning

During the spin cycle it makes a horrible high pitch noise. The machine was received a couple of days ago. What is the fastest way to get it checked/ replaced to have this issue resolved?

My experience so far with this purchase was not very good: I was NOT informed when I ordered the machine over the phone that it requires an outlet for 220V so the installer put the machine in place but did not turn it on test it. Moreover the installer asked for $20 cash to dispose of my old machine. I was not at home and my husband just paid what he asked for although when I ordered on the phone I was told that $10 will be charged to my card for this.
Today, $250 later in electrician fees, I finally got the machine connected to power just to find out it is not quiet at all… I hope I won’t regret I did not get a Miele…


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  1. Hello MaddieP, I'm sorry to hear about your new Bosch washer making the high pitched noise when spinning. I assume this a front loading washer. When a front loading washer is spinning, it is not abnormal for it to make a high pitched sound when it reaches the high speed. If you feel that this new washer has a problem, I suggest calling 1-800-4-MY-HOME and set up a service appointment.

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