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      • San Jose, CA

    No. You need a Craftsman dual-chemistry charger that can charge either NiCads or Lithium-Ion C3 batteries.

    Many of the NiCad only chargers were built before the Lithium-Ion C3 batteries existed.

    Now, it is possible to receive a NiCad only charger if you purchase a C3 device with NiCad batteries included or wish to purchase the less complicated NiCad charger separately.

    If you purchase a Craftsman 4-port C3 battery charger, the dual-chemistry charging is included with the new model (red plastic base) of that charger, too.

    1. I purchased a dual chemistry charger last week and two Lithium-Ion batteries. I have three ni-cad chargers already so I just wanted to know if the Lithium-Ion batteries would charge OK in them. Just curious if the ni-cad charger would hurt the Lithium-ion batteries in any way.

    2. The ni-cads and li-ions will work in the dual chemistry charger. Only the ni-cads will work in the old charger, the li-ions will not.

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