Can anyone on this site get a message through to the Shop Your Way site that there are a lot of people asking for help with the sweepstakes, but nobody’s manning the ship? Specifically for me, three of the premium sweeps say “Not Eligible” for entry, even though I meet all of the requirements posted in the rules: “Father’s Day Outdoor Life,” “Mixtape Festival 2013,” and “AMC Walking Dead.” Others have posted comments on these same sweeps saying the same thing. However, nobody has responded to sweeps queries for several weeks now. Two sweepstakes recently expired with over 50 comments between the two from people begging for help, but not a peep of response from Shop Your Way or Win Your Way. Any suggestions for help?


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      • San Jose, CA

    There seems to be some issues with sears "coupons" at present.

    The Craftsman calendar coupons are not working.

    The VIP coupons/ points are not showing up as valid.

    And, now, you folk's coupons not working.

    I'm sure someone in the computer programming department is definitely WORKING.

    But, to date, to no avail.

    The good news is, no ONE group of customers is being targeted.

    Whatever is malfunctioning is hitting ALL of us.

    I'm crossing my fingers for this problem to get resolved, soon.

  1. Hi LoyaltyFirst! Thanks so much for bringing this issue to our attention. I have passed along your message for the Sweeps team to investigate. When I hear back, I will post an update.

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