Can anyone tell me how to get the gas smell out of my front loading washer since I was dumb enough to wash something that I spilled gas on?


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  1. Petroleum is very persistent in washing machines. In addition to trying Affresh, you might want to try running the washing machine's "Clean Washer" cycle with a cup of baking soda. Also, if your washer has a drain hose (like LG, Samsung, and most Kenmore front-loaders have), I'd recommend draining the machine out before AND after running the "Clean Washer" cycle each time. And, definitely don't put gasoline into the washer again. :)

  2. Hello jolson. There is a fairly new product named Affresh that is used to clean front load washers. You can buy that washer cleaner at your local Sears Store. With the washer empty, place one of the Affresh tablets in the washer and run a regular wash cycle. You may need to repeat that process with a second tablet if you still smell gas when opening the washer. If that tip does not work, let us know and we will provide some additional advice.

  3. Hi jolson! That is a tricky one! Let's see if our Appliance Experts have any advice on getting the smell out of your washer. Check back in a bit for a response. Thanks!

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