Can I get help removing a water filter?

I bought a new filter but can not get the old one out?? I have a Kenmore Elite 3 door 31.5 cf new in August.


3 answers

  1. Your refrigerator should have the filter installed in the ceiling of the refrigerator cabin. Press the tab and pull the outer case down. Then, pull the end of the filter downward. When it's tilted down as far as it will go, pull straight out (no twisting or turning). Push the new filter in at the same angle, then tilt it back up and close the outer case. Remember to change the carbon air filter in the back of the refrigerator, too. Turn the square blue-lit cover counter-clockwise, pull out the square filter cartridge, set a new cartridge in the cover, and put it back on the back wall by turning it clockwise.

  2. Sometimes a water filter can be difficult to remove. Without the model number I will only be able to provide some general information. Many filters are a twist in and out type. Some have a button to push that will release the filter and some will pull downward and then pull out. When filters get tight, usually just more force will be required to remove it. It's also a good idea to shut the water supply valve off first and then activate the dispenser, to release the water pressure inside the unit. This may also help with removing the filter.

  3. Hi boballew! We can have an Appliance Expert help with this one. If you could please let us know the model number of your fridge, that would be useful to them in walking you through the process.

    You can also download your owner's manual at That may have a good diagram of your fridge and of this procedure.