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  1. They can be stacked. The dryer came with the stacking kit. If you don't still have the kit that it came with, you might still be able to order it from Sears (that kit is being discontinued by Whirlpool, the manufacturer of the Kenmore HE3t). It is 02638010000 on, or call your local Sears store and ask them to order the Whirlpool stacking kit 38010. Some stores are still able to order it. Good luck!

  2. If the pair was bought at the same time as a matching pair then there is likely a stacking kit available. Check your owner's manual and installation guide for a part number for the kit.

  3. Hi Christy,

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    Thank you for your question, do you by any chance know the model numbers to these appliances? You can find these numbers on the inside of the doors, back panels, as well as the bottom side of the units.

    Not sure if our Sears Appliance Experts will need the model numbers, but just in case so that they can provide you with a more detailed response in regards to stacking.

    Please check back periodically for a response back.

    Thank you!

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