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      • San Jose, CA

    Unfortunately, Rain checks for out of store or sale merchandise are no longer issued either.

    The sales are generally scheduled around 6 months in advance and the sales of Bolt-On main units and the first order of accessories has clearly out paced the forecast sales for this new tool.

    The good news is that additional sales on the units are VERY LIKELY on their way, in time for the eventually restocked Bolt-On accessories to be sold during the Next Bolt-On accessory tool sale.

    I just got a very nice Craftsman C3 Lithium-Ion powered Drill/Driver to go with all of my C3 tools, in addition to the Nextec LIon powered tools I'm using on DIY and tool restoration projects.

  1. Merchandise can be purchased when it's available. There is no "pre-ordering" method.

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      There's only three pieces I'm missing to complete my set...the hammer drill, the router, and the trim saw. Are there extra jigsaw blades available?

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